#5 How to silence your inner negative conversations and embrace success

  This inspiration packed podcast episode will help you conquer your inner negative conversations of imposter syndrome, and give you the freedom to be your unapologetically authentic self, with ease, and embrace success in all areas of your life. This being women’s history month, I wanted to talk about a phenomenon that many high achieving […]

#4 Why having a clear sense of purpose will make you unstoppable

Today on the podcast, I’m talking about a conversation that I had recently with a friend of mine whom I have not seen for years but we occasionally talk on Facebook. This time I called her on the phone. And as we are talking, we reminisced about our times in Kenya, which is where we […]

#1 Do what you love scared and the confidence will come

Wow, where do I even start?  This has been a long time coming.  I have been putting off starting a podcast and making excuses that it had to be perfect.  Then today, I read this Instagram post from one of my mentors, her name is Amy Porterfield. The post said “you do not need to […]