Episode #25 From Kenya to the World Bank, to owning a bank, and a life of service, with Dr. David Wachira

Today, I am in awe of the massive presence that my guest has established for himself and his business and the impact that he has made throughout his career. My guest’s name is Dr. David Wachira.
He’s a finance and economics specialist with a very impressive background.
Dr. David is from very humble beginnings in Kenya, moving to the U.S. at the age of seven, and working at the World Bank, where he managed and supported multi billion dollar programs in 38 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Currently he is a CEO and co-founder of his own bank called Waya.

Episode #24 Master money mindset. How to make it, manage it, and multiply it, with Catherine Gathuka Franklin

In this episode, my guest is Catherine Gathuka Franklin. Catherine is a money coach but before she became a money coach, she worked for a private wealth management firm where she helped the ultra rich manage their money.
Catherine felt called to start her own business providing concierge CFO services to high income business owners and she became a money coach where she helps women master money so that they can have peace of mind, become financially stable, and create a life that they love.

Episode #23 Entrepreneurship, perseverance, and the power of self-belief, a conversation with Jambo List co-founder Serah Munyiri

In this episode, I chat with my new friend Serah Munyiri, President of Jambo List, an international company that works to bridge the investment and business gap between Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora.
Serah shares all the juicy details about how she came up with this genius idea and the steps she took to make it happen.
But that’s not all! Serah also highlights the secrets of staying motivated and resilient towards your goals. Serah is a true inspiration and a refreshing rule-breaker, so trust me – you won’t want to miss our unbelievably valuable conversation!

Episode #22 How Kenyan-born fashion designer Victoria Kageni, used courage and persistence to make her mark on the Oscars’ Red Carpet.

In this episode, my guest today is the incredible Victoria Wambui Kageni, a fashion designer from Kenya. Her journey began over 30 years ago when her parents sent her to pursue a fashion design degree in the U.S.
Despite a detour into the construction industry for 13 years, Victoria’s passion for fashion never waned. Driven by determination and clarity, she left her construction job to pursue her true calling.
Recently, her determination clarity, and persistence led to her work being featured at the Oscars’ runway.
Victoria’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of following one’s passion and staying committed to the journey.

Episode #20 Spirituality, a new season, and Motivation with Jimmy Gait

Today, I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to give you a new strategy that will help you get out of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself, and so much more.
Everything you want for your life and career starts with an intention, right?
Then, you add enthusiasm and dedication.
But, then what?
Unfortunately, sometimes life’s challenges get in the way—whether it’s in the form of self-doubt, or perhaps just a seemingly unrealistic goal.
So how do you overcome obstacles.?
Jimmy Gait, celebrated Kenyan Gospel artist and now transformational speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur, is here to show you how you can burst through life’s challenges and actually use any situation as a stepping stone for the next level.
His techniques of choice have included Faith in God and believing in yourself – two things he says are key to succeeding in life.

Episode #19 How Google Developer Expert Android, Madona Wambua deals with self-doubt and how to stay true to yourself.

You’ve heard me talk about the power of our thoughts time and again.

My guest today drops some wisdom in this episode, on how we have the power to change our narrative with self-doubt.

In this episode, Madona Wambua, Chief Technology Officer Axxelist reveals:-

💫Why setting goals as if you are the only one in the race helps you escape comparison, because comparison is the thief of joy.

💫Strategies to overcome imposter syndrome.

💫Why she values community and how community kept her from quitting her job as a woman in tech.

💫 Why she likes to mentor women and girls aspiring to be in the tech field.

Episode #18 How To Pursue Purpose Beyond Achievements and Align With The Most Authentic Parts Of Yourself, with Mary Hyatt

In this episode, Mary Hyatt, Life, and Business strategist sheds light on the world of high-achieving women who are passionate about creating extraordinary lives but often struggle with the challenges of work-life balance.
With her holistic approach, Mary talks about how we can reconnect with the essence of what makes us come alive, addressing not only the mindset, but also the relationships with the body, energy, and emotions.
Discover the transformative power of finding margin, white space, and reconnecting with passions, pleasure, and joy.

Episode #17 From Social Media Strategies to Conquering Self-doubt in Entrepreneurship, with Bridget Brady.

If you’re a full-time entrepreneur or business owner, or even if you’re doing a side hustle along with your JOB, social media posting dread is going to become a thing of the past!

Because in this episode, Bridget Brady, founder and CEO of
Amp Up My Biz, a full-service online marketing agency, lays out tangible, actionable, strategies that you can start using today to get more eyeballs to your awesome products or services, with the power of social media. Bridget’s expertise in social media strategies and content creation has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses achieve remarkable success in the online world.