In this episode, my guest is the remarkable Nduku Malombe.

Early in her career, Nduku felt insecure about her education and experience (or lack thereof.) Now a Strategic Human Resources Leader and coach, Nduku shares how to grow into the confident, courageous leader you want to be.

In this podcast episode Nduku shares :- 

💫Her path from employment in Kenya to establishing her career in Corporate America. 

💫How her unwavering determination transformed her from a door-to-door stationery saleswoman into the HR leader she is today.

💫Why perfection is the enemy of progress.

💫The physical impact of the pandemic on her and the strategies she employs to prevent burnout.

💫Why making a difference and giving back to others is important to her.

And so much more…

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Mentioned in this podcast:Nduku’s LinkedIn profile:

Nduku’s HR consulting agency: Syn3rgyHR

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