In this episode, my guest is Dr. Elizabeth Wachira. She is an associate professor and a director of the public health program at Texas A&M University.

Dr. E is also an ordained minister and in today’s episode, she talks about her professional journey and how she’s passionate about people. So whether it’s helping her students, mentoring the youth, or serving at her church, Dr. E’s passion for people is quite evident.

What I found most valuable in this conversation was Dr. E’s unwavering faith in God in every decision that she makes. She also has a deep appreciation for her family and she credits her confidence to her mom.

Here is a glance at the episode:

💫Dr. Elizabeth’s journey to becoming the first Black woman tenured in her department and the impact of representation

💫She shares how she was inspired by Michelle Obama’s concept of a supportive friendship circle.

💫She shares how you can overcome religious and racial discrimination and the importance of empathy in diverse interactions.

💫She also shares Insight into the Youth Engagement Society and its mission to empower young people

And so much more…

Links mentioned in the podcast

The Bloom Experience: August 24th in Dallas.

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