In this episode, my guest is Catherine Gathuka Franklin. Catherine is a money coach, but before she became a money coach, she worked for a private wealth management firm where she helped the ultra-rich manage their money.

Catherine felt called to start her own business, providing concierge CFO services to high-income business owners, and she became a money coach where she helps women master money so that they can have peace of mind, become financially stable, and create a life that they love.

In this conversation today, we talk about her coaching program and about how she helps women master that mindset because it all starts with the mindset.

She offers invaluable insights into wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and financial empowerment.   

Here is a glance at the episode: 

💫How she helps women make more money and multiply their money.

💫Catherine’s entrepreneurial journey: how she transitioned from working in wealth management to building multiple income streams.

💫She challenges the idea that money is scarce, encouraging an abundance mindset by highlighting the limitless opportunities for wealth creation.

And so much more..

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