In this episode, Mary Hyatt, Life, and Business strategist sheds light on the world of high-achieving women who are passionate about creating extraordinary lives but often struggle with the challenges of work-life balance.

With her holistic approach, Mary talks about how we can reconnect with the essence of what makes us come alive, addressing not only the mindset, but also the relationships with the body, energy, and emotions.

Discover the transformative power of finding margin, white space, and reconnecting with passions, pleasure, and joy. 

I attended one of Mary’s workshops and it was a unique blend of mindfulness and practical teachings on how to lean into conscious growth and evolvement for a more fulfilling and expansive life.

In this episode, we talk about 

    • Understanding the challenges high-achieving women face in maintaining work-life balance.

    • Exploring a holistic approach that includes mindset, body, energy, and emotions.

    • The power of rest and white space.

    • Why we have permission to really show up in the truth of where we are

    • How to have awareness, question and compassion with yourself when self-doubt comes knocking

    • That procrastination is with  a form of wisdom or a form of protection (must hear this one)

    • Reconnecting with passions, pleasure, and joy for a more life-giving experience.

And so much more…

This is one of my favorite conversations, so if you’re interested in learning a holistic, action-oriented approach to overcoming burnout and inauthenticity, then pop in your earbuds and take a listen.

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