In this episode, my guest today is the incredible Victoria Wambui Kageni, a fashion designer from Kenya.

Her journey began over 30 years ago when her parents sent her to pursue a fashion design degree in the U.S. 

Despite a detour into the construction industry for 13 years, Victoria’s passion for fashion never waned. Driven by determination and clarity, she left her construction job to pursue her true calling.

Recently, her determination clarity, and persistence led to her work being featured at the Oscars’ runway. 

Victoria’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of following one’s passion and staying committed to the journey. 

Here’s a glance at the episode:

💫Her incredible journey which started with a deep passion for fashion.

💫How she remained resilient and focused on her goals despite numerous challenges in her career.

💫How Victoria’s determination, clarity, and persistence led to her work leaving a mark at the Oscars’ runway 

And so much more…

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