You’ve heard me talk about the power of our thoughts time and again.

My guest today drops some wisdom in this episode, on how we have the power to change our narrative with self-doubt.

In this episode, Madona Wambua, Chief Technology Officer Axxelist reveals:-

💫Why setting goals as if you are the only one in the race helps you escape comparison, because comparison is the thief of joy.

💫Strategies to overcome imposter syndrome.

💫Why she values community and how community kept her from quitting her job as a woman in tech.

💫 Why she likes to mentor women and girls aspiring to be in the tech field.

Her recent award from Success Magazine is among one of numeral awards she received in 2023.

Madona’s simple yet oh-so-transformative steps are ready for you, so click your fave podcast player below to dive in.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Madonna’s Book: Modern Android 13 Development Cookbook





Download Transcript Episode 19



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