In this episode, I chat with my new friend Serah Munyiri, President of Jambo List, an international company that works to bridge the investment and business gap between Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora.

Serah shares all the juicy details about how she came up with this genius idea and the steps she took to make it happen.

But that’s not all! Serah also highlights the secrets of staying motivated and resilient towards your goals. Serah is a true inspiration and a refreshing rule-breaker, so trust me, you won’t want to miss our unbelievably valuable conversation!

Here is a glance at the episode:

💫Serah emphasizes the importance of building strong foundations for businesses

💫She discusses the role of platforms like Jambolist in connecting businesses within the Kenyan diaspora community and facilitating collaboration.

💫Serah offers practical strategies for overcoming self-doubt, including writing down thoughts, reflecting on past successes, and envisioning future possibilities.

💫She stresses the importance of believing in one’s ideas, seeking mentorship, and embracing the journey, despite the challenges along the way.

💫Serah highlights the significance of having a clear vision and being persistent in pursuing one’s goals.

And so much more….

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Jambolist Expo. held on May 24th and 25th at Embassy Suites Hotel, Piscataway, New Jersey.

Phone Number: +1 908 812 7965.






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