I am so excited to start this podcast with a topic that is so appropriate at this time .  With the new year upon us, it’s a time for renewal, a time to reset, and set new year’s resolutions like  kicking old habits and forming new healthy ones and most importantly to create new goals. So I thought how perfect it would be for me to  share some nuggets that I learned in a goal setting workshop that I recently attended.  So the workshop was in Nashville with Mary Hyatt who is a Soul Strategist and there were about 10 women .  Now if  you’re  wondering what a soul strategist is, Mary helps high achievers and Business owners design a business that’s connected to their heart and their soul, so she helps them get in touch with their emotions, their body and their internal wisdom.

The reason why I found Mary’s goal setting different from what most of us are familiar with, is that she uses a framework that aligns with one’s highest self. And what that means is that it’s important to not only have goals that look good on paper but goals that will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired. 

You see goals should not be just for the sake of achievement, but they must create a sense of fulfillment or inspiration. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

2:18 The first thing that we did at the workshop was to reflect on 2022 and how things went, and what our professional and personal goals were and the major life lessons that we learned in 2022.

3:11 A list of the warning signs  when you’re out of alignment which include a lack of energy, avoidance, moodiness, anger, stress, resentment, sickness, drama, and physical pain among others.

4:28:30 That our physical body holds 80% of the wisdom and is a compass to our truest self. 

5:43:50  Write down your values. What do you hold dear and ask yourself if this goal or this thing that you want to do is in alignment with what you hold most dear in your life.?

7:25:62 A host of adjectives of core desired feelings in twelve key themes.

8:27:22 How to beat procrastination

ALL my best.


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