Wow, where do I even start?  This has been a long time coming.  I have been putting off starting a podcast and making excuses that it had to be perfect.  Then today, I read this Instagram post from one of my mentors, her name is Amy Porterfield. The post said “you do not need to be confident to start.  Start, do it scared and the confidence will come.” Then her caption was: here’s your sign to start.  Whatever you’ve been pushing off, whatever is holding you back, do it scared and the confidence will come. 

I tell you this post was speaking to me.  And as someone who has taken tons of personal development courses and online marketing courses, and who for a long time has wanted to share my God-given talents with the world, I was like enough! no more putting this off for another day.

So I took my phone and hit record.  This is going to be a weekly podcast where I will be sharing everything that I have learned that relates to business and life.  I will be talking about what’s possible in your business and your life, even while you’re still working your 9-5 so you can make money and do what lights you up while making an impact.  I’ll share things that I have dealt with or I have some insights that can help you out.

Here’s a glance at this episode…


[2.58.30] I tell you the source of my struggle with imposter syndrome.

[3.37] How self-limiting beliefs caused me to self-sabotage opportunities affecting my success in every way.

[4.09]How I finally chose to quiet the negative voices that were taking up valuable real estate in my own head and started seeing success.

[5:08] How confidence is a  by-product of doing it ugly and messy.

[5:25] Don’t give up on those really hard days. Taking action will give you confidence and momentum, to share your gifts and talents with the world

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