My guest today is Dr. Mwangi-Powell. She’s the CEO of Girls Not Brides, a global initiative dedicated to ending child marriage worldwide.

In this conversation, Dr. Mwangi-Powell says that we’re at our best when we’re ourselves, unscripted and genuine. Embracing authenticity isn’t always easy, especially for professional women navigating their careers.

The fear of stepping into our true selves can hold us back, fostering moments of self-doubt and persistent imposter syndrome. But here’s the truth: self-doubt is universal.

Even when she found herself in spaces she felt beyond her reach, questioning if she belonged, she learned that authenticity and self-awareness are our greatest allies.

Understanding our intrinsic values and realizing that those moments are fleeting is key. Because believe it or not, everyone in that room might be battling those same feelings, no matter how imposing.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

💫Dr. Mwangi Powell’s inspiring journey: From being nurtured by powerful women to leading a global movement, discover the experiences that shaped her into the leader she is today.

 💫The power of self-awareness.  Dr. Mwangi talks about how to overcome self-doubt and embrace your authentic self as a leader.

💫 Dr. Mwangi-Powell’s practical strategies for cultivating resilience.

💫How her faith journey has fueled her passion for making a difference.

 And so much more….

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