“You’re not good enough”, and “Who are you to do this?” These are stories that my thoughts have told me more times than I care to admit.

Even though these stories are not true, they are all rooted in past experiences in my life. If you’re sick and tired of negative conversations getting in your way, I have good news for you. My guest today, Dr Adia Gooden, a licensed clinical psychologist, uses practical strategies and her expertise to empower us on the importance of cultivating self-worth. A sought-after, dynamic speaker who gives talks and workshops on unconditional self-worth, imposter syndrome, and Black women and mental health, Dr. Adia articulates how you can engineer your thoughts for success.

Passionate about the topic, she gave a TEDx talk on “Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth” which has over 1 million views.
Tune in to hear:
· How and why your thoughts influence your success.
· Simple steps you can take to rewire your negative thoughts so you can fully show up as your authentic self
· What to do to embrace unconditional worthiness and navigate the challenges that hinder our success

Dr Adia emphasizes that while external factors may provide temporary satisfaction, they do not lead to lasting self-worth.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • How society’s expectations and gender inequality contribute to women’s struggles with self-worth.
  • How imposter syndrome is closely linked to low self-worth, leading to individuals feeling undeserving of their achievements.
  • Why cultivating self-compassion is a powerful tool for enhancing self-worth.
  • Why external factors alone cannot provide lasting self-worth; and how to shift the focus to internal validation.
  • Dr. Adia’s upcoming book “Promoting Black Women’s Mental Health, What Practitioners Should Know and Do” which addresses the unique challenges faced by Black women and offers insights into their healing and support

… Plus, much, much more!…, pop in your earbuds and press play! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Website: dradiagooden.com.
Instagram: Dr Adia Gooden
LinkedIn: Dr Adia Goden.
Grab Dr. Adia’ s free e-book here:dradiagooden.com/free-ebook
Books mentioned in this episode:

  • Promoting Black Women’s Mental Health, what Practitioners Should Know and Do.
  • Shifting the Double Lives of Black Women in America.

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