What kind of legacy do you dream of leaving? 

What kind of impact will you make in this world? 

Are you living life fully authentically as yourself?

If you don’t think it’s possible to be crystal clear on how to take your passions and leverage them into massive purpose, then you’ve never met Evon Rantiade.

Ade, as she wants to be called, is a busy mom of a teen who passionately splits her time between Nigeria, New York and other parts of the world, being the hands-on CEO of Pathfinders Justice Initiative the charity she founded more than a decade ago. Ade is also a trained English Barrister, a published writer, a researcher, and speaker. 

Ade is on a mission to end sex trafficking in Nigeria and liberate women and girls from this horrible trade that has devastating physical and mental well being of millions of women girls around the world.

She knows what it is to be purpose driven and shares her insights with women on how to shed self-doubt, cultivate self worth, find inspiration, and change their life, their career …and the world, while they’re at it. 

Just like she has. 

(And I am here for it.

But let me warn you –.Ade is a force to be reckoned with.

She doesn’t just talk the talk — she walks the walk.

Together we talk about:,

  • How to create more impact and leave a legacy you’re truly proud of.
  • The importance of living a life of significance and how to embrace authenticity and shed self-doubt.
  • Her charity, Pathfinders Justice Initiative and how it became her life’s work.
  • Knowing when you’re called to do something bigger (because timing is everything)
  • and so much more

Ade’s clarity on her identity, calmness and grace made my heart burst – and I have a sense that you’ll walk away from this episode feeling the very same.

So grab your headphones and click to listen — just wait ’til you see what’s possible!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • Ade was a high profile lawyer in a New York law firm but she knew she wanted to do more. One Friday afternoon, she read a book that made her eventually give her resignation the following Monday.
  • The importance of speaking the truth for the seemingly powerless, the group of people who have had their voices silenced or muted by the social ills and societal vices in the world.
  • The difference between significance and success.  [You do not want to miss how she defines this].
  • If you want to have clarity on your purpose, your life is constantly telling you what it wants you to do with it. You just need to slow down enough to pay attention to all of the details.
  • Why we associate ourselves with our thoughts thinking that it is our identity and how we can separate ourselves from our self-deprecating thoughts. 
  • The power of fully showing up as your authentic self and creating a practice of self compassion when life knocks you down.
  • Action Challenge. Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions:
    #1 What are you passionate about?
    #2 What impact do you want to make? 
    #3 How will you practice showing up authentically as yourself?
  • Click here to listen!

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Links mentioned in this episode:


LinkTree https://linktr.ee/rebidahosa


Book mentioned: Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer

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