Did you know that you have all the resources you need to succeed within yourself?  Just let that simmer for a minute. Why is it that many people are not fulfilled? I’m glad you asked.  My very first guest on the podcast, Yanet Borrego, former engineer and consultant, turned into a career mindset and clarity coach, says that it’s a matter of managing our mindsets. It’s a matter of thinking creatively and accessing those resources.  She says that we do not need to rely on anything external to make us feel fulfilled and successful; everything is internal.  She’s able to break down actionable strategies that anyone can use to find clarity and align their careers to their purpose so they can make money, be successful, and also be fulfilled. Yanet is the host of the With Clarity and Purpose podcast and has been featured in Business Insider and NextAdvisor with TIME. 

I’m super excited to share this episode with you. Not only will you hear Yanet’s journey into what now makes her fulfilled, but she also shares;

  • Why having clarity can help you align your purpose and your career. 
  • That we have all the resources we need to succeed within ourselves. 
  • A tool that she uses to find clarity and how you can use this tool even if you only have just one minute in your day. 
  • An action plan on what to do when you don’t hit your goals.

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