It’s February already. Can you believe it? So this is the time when New Year’s resolutions for most people have probably dropped, and that excitement and eagerness to be a different person has now kind of been on the backside.

But I have good news.  This year we’re going to do things differently. This is the year we are not only going to hit all our goals, but we are going to apply the right systems to get there. Now, if you’re looking to build good habits and eliminate bad habits for good,  then this episode is for you.

You’re going to learn how to form habits that stick by using systems that will get you exactly what you need. Today, I’m sharing five key takeaway lessons from a book I read, that I have been implementing in my personal and professional life, and I have already started seeing major results. The book is called Atomic Habits, and it’s by James Clear.

So if you want to form lasting habits, pop in your earbuds and give this episode a listen.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

1:20 The behaviour change that needs to happen if you have ever asked yourself, “why is it that I don’t do what I say that I’ll do?”

1:40 How to track your daily habits so you can check the ones that are effective and those that are not.

2:03 How to Point and Call a bad habit before it happens.

2:54 How our daily habits accumulate and determine who we are. If you want to know where you’ll be at the end of the year, all you have to do is look at your daily choices.

3:16  Why mastering just 1% of a behaviour every single day, can lead to amazing results in your daily life, your work and how I did it.

3:55 How a 1%  of a repeated poor decision every day, will compound to bad resorts. 

4:19 How you can translate your goal intentions into action. 

5:14 How to stack a new behaviour into one that you already do each day.

5:43 Why it is our environment and not our motivation that affects how we behave?

6:15 How goals are the results you want to achieve and systems are the processes that lead to those goals.


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