If you work with one-on-one clients, especially if you have a nine-to-five, you likely feel limited because you can only fit so many people on your calendar. My guest today is joining me to talk about how she transitioned her business model from a one-on-one aka B2C, to a B2B model where she now works with schools across the US Lisa Marker Robbins is a distinguished coach and an entrepreneur. She has a flagship course called Launch Career Clarity. And it’s specifically tailored for families with teenagers. This helps students transition their journey from a state of confusion and overwhelm to one of motivation, clarity, and confidence. In this episode we talk about:

💫How Lisa transitioned from working with one on one clients and took advantage of the opportunity to work with businesses, and how you can too, so you can maximize your time and make more money.

💫How effective time management strategies, intentional goal-setting and consistent effort can be a game changer in your life and career.

💫How Lisa deals with self doubt, offering valuable insights on overcoming imposter syndrome and embracing growth.

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Facebook: Flourish Coaching https://www.facebook.com/flourishcoachingco/
Twitter: Lisa Marker Robbins https://twitter.com/LMarkerRobbins
LinkedIn: Lisa Marker-Robbins https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-marker-robbins/


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