You are here for a purpose. You have a mission in life. And when that inner voice speaks to you, that nudge, it needs to be shared with the world.

If we’re honest, when we are in integrity, and we don’t hold back, our message can move somebody else forward, help them get to that place that they desperately desire and want.”

And that’s exactly what my guest today is doing.  Her name is Itumeleng Sekhu when she was only 11 months old she found herself in a life-altering moment. As the bed she was sleeping in caught fire that left her with one arm one finger and a face full of scars,

Itumeleng would spend the next 15 years in hospital and undergo 104 surgeries as well as battling physical scars on her body, bullying, depression, and 3 suicide attempts…

Fast forward to now, Itumeleng was voted one of the Top 50 Most Influential Youth to Watch in 2022, she is an Internationally accredited Key-Note Speaker; Business Woman, and author of the certified bestseller memoir. Her purpose is to help others find hope and healing. This incredible woman is a burn conqueror who is here to prove to you that despite adversities, everyone can live their full potential.

They need to be put into action, not stifled by fear. And you better believe that everything I’m saying to you right now are the things I need to remind myself on a daily basis, that our message can help move somebody else.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • The life-altering experience that Itumeleng faced at 11 months of age and how she turned it for her good.
  • How you can identify your true beauty and reach your full potential despite societal pressures.
  • How spirituality brought Itumeleng happiness and a sense of peace after three suicide attempts.
  • How through spirituality, we can tap into a peace that surpasses all understanding, even during the lowest moments of our lives.
  • Why seeking guidance from our Creator is the ultimate way to discover your purpose.
  • The simple way to look up in the Bible is how to deal with anything you are going through.

And so much more

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Books mentioned in this episode

A Purpose-Driven life by Rick Warren

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Tiktok: Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi (@itu_sekhu)




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