5 Facebook marketing techniques to boost your business in 2016

Is Facebook relevant anymore?  Yes, it is more relevant than ever.  Your customers or consumers are using Facebook everyday!  In this post, learn 5 Facebook marketing techniques to boost your business in 2016.

Your ideal audience is using social media to talk with their friends and family and we have the ability to connect with them right where they are talking to their friends and family. It’s a matter of you doing your research to find out where they are hanging out and what type of content makes them tick so you can engage with them authentically.

#1. Audience Insights

One of the tools that I recommend you use in 2016, is Facebook’s Audience Insights. Audience Insights can help you mine valuable information about your Facebook fans. Facebook designed Audience Insights with the goal “to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about Geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.”

You can find out who your fans are, and what their interests are and what other pages they like.  This becomes helpful information when you start running Ads because you can target those pages that have similar products to what you are selling or common interests of your ideal audience.

Go to Facebook Audience Insights by going to https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights.  Choose people connected to your page

audience Insights

In the graph below where it says Interests, enter the name of the page of your competitor or of other pages that you talk about similar topics.  For me I would enter Female Entrepreneur Association.  Make sure that you are entering big pages so that they can pop up here. If it doesn’t pop up use the name of another page.

audience insights interests

If I click on Page Likes, I am shown other pages that my audience is likely to hang out.  On the left is the pages categories and on the right are the names- Female Entrepreneur Association, Melanie Duncan, The Girls Mean Business, Women in Business, Ali Brown, etc. This is super valuable to note because not only am I able to go to this pages and see what kind of content they post and even what kind of questions their fans are asking, but when I start running ads I will enter the names of these pages in the Interest section.

audience Insights Page Likespng

#2. Content creation

Your customers are online and they want to hear from you.  With great content we can reach our customers every day and have conversations with them.  All we have to do is create engaging content that is conversational and friendly and talk to them like you would talk to a friend.  People are not on Facebook to do business with you – they are there to catch up with their friends.  So we have the advantage of meeting with them where they are, to talk to them and build relationships.  Use canva.com a free visual content creating tool to create great visual content.  It’s fun and easy to use.  They also have many tutorials if you get stuck.

I have created a FREE guide for you laying out proven content creating strategies on Facebook that will increase your engagement and help you get leads that convert to sales from your IDEAL customers.

#3. Videos

Video right now is huge on Facebook.  Native videos are getting the most reach.  Meaning a video that you upload through Facebook and not via 3rd party like You Tube.  Video connects you with your customers.  They get to see your story.   It’s about creating content that not only catches people’s eyes but content that makes your audience want to look good in the eyes of their audience when they share it. Create content that people impulsively feel they must share vs. content that is about you and your business.  So make it that part of your strategy is that you will set aside time to create videos.  Some video creating tools are Animoto, Flixel and Diptic.

#4. Facebook Ads

If you are not using Facebook Ads then you are not taking advantage of the reach an Ad can get you on Facebook.  Organic reach continues to drop on Facebook and so you only get to be seen by a tiny fraction of the people who like your page.  With the right Ad targeting you can increase your reach with as little as $5 a day.

#5. Mobile.

People are on mobile 24/7. We buy from mobile and use our phones to access social media. Make sure that everything from your Facebook cover to your email marketing copy looks good on mobile devices and that your website is optimized for mobile so you can reach your customers and make more sales.  The dimensions for a Facebook cover photo on desktop are 851×315 pixels, but to optimize your cover photo for mobile, make your overall dimensions 851×475 pixels.

Take the time to implement each one of these strategies at a time. They can play a huge impact to the success of your business.

Which strategy will you implement today?



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