6 creative ways to use visual content to brand your business on Facebook cover

Looking for creative ways to use visual content to brand your business on Facebook? Want to know how to instantly connect with your target audience on Facebook? Adapting a visual strategy in your Facebook marketing will help your brand stand out while grabbing your audiences’ attention.

In this article you’ll discover 6 actionable ways to use visual content to brand your business on Facebook so you can drive more leads and sales.

#1: Use attention grabbing status updates

When you post a status update on Facebook make sure to include attention grabbing images as opposed to text only.  Images take up more real estate on the news feed making it easier for people to skim through.  There’s so much noise in the news feed, we need to stop people from scrolling and engage with our posts.

Southwest Airlines shares this attention grabbing Lilly Pulitzer post in their status update. Being the first day of summer, the colorful image and message instantly evokes emotion. Southwest is clear about their audience’s values and what resonates with them. They ask a simple question in their status update – …”what’s your favorite destination for summer travel?” This helps get them a lot of Facebook Reactions and engagement on their page.  Its warm and friendly tone, and personality makes it easy for Southwest to create native content (content that blends in with your audience’s conversations) that directly tells you what their brand is all about without saying “buy a ticket now”.   This creates a bigger impact for their business.

Southwest image


#2: Use your Facebook cover to tell your brand story

Spotlighting what you do with your Facebook cover photo is a great way to show your audience what you’re all about. When you perfect your brand story through visuals on Facebook you are able to help your fans make a decision on whether to buy your product, program or services.

Hungry Girl uses their cover photo to tell their audience what they are all about through an eye catchy cover photo. They do not use any text on the image but it speaks volumes about their brand.

Hungry girl image


#3: Let your visuals do the talking

When you know what resonates with your ideal audience you can use quotes that convey your message without having to be creative with your own copy.  Kim Garst of Boom Social uses inspiring quotes that resonate with her audience. They have a lot of color that stand out on the news feed.  These image quotes posts make her audience relate to her, and her Facebook page engagement is always off the charts!  Then she always includes her logo at the botton which is a great way to brand your images. When people share them, it increases brand visibility.

Kim Garst quotes

 #4: Use Facebook Live

Are you using Facebook’s free live streaming video yet? Facebook Live video is a very powerful strategy to connect with your audience, build relationships and engage with them in real time.   By using Facebook live streaming you get to tell your audience your brand story or take them behind the scenes. In an interview with Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst who uses live streaming regularly,  shares that a Facebook live video gets 10 times more organic reach, than a regular post! In addition, she explains that the replay is just as valuable in terms of the reach it gets.  Remember to ask your viewers to share your live stream so you can get in front of their audience as well.  At Social Media Examiner, founder Mike Stelzner does a live Q&A session where viewers get to ask any social media related question, making him the go to person in his niche. Always have a call to action on the description of your video that directs people to where you want them to go.  It can be either to land somewhere like a blog post where you have them sign up for a freebie or to sign up to a webinar, or to a product sales page. Once you have them there then follow up with email marketing.

Mike Stelzner

#5: Short videos

If you’re not a fan of live video, you can use short videos to share your expertise.  Short videos on Facebook go a long way, if you are able to tell people what’s in it for them.  For instance you can make a quick one minute video showing people how to do something.  Upload your videos directly from Facebook’s platform to get more organic reach, visibility and engagement.

Here’s a less than a minute how-to use Facebook Reactions video in Social Media Examiners Facebook page. As you can see this post reached thirty four thousand viewers which is pretty amazing!

Facebook Reactions how to


#6: Use consistent brand colors

Color increases brand recognition up to 80%.

Constant contact always has colors and images that visually represent their brand and their voice.  They use them consistently in their status updates.  Use certain fonts and different versions of your logo to incorporate in to your images.

#6 Constant Contact


Tips & Tools for creating visual content

There are many tools out there that can help anyone to be creative even if you don’t have a designer’s eye. Make sure your images are the right size for your platform.  For a perfect Facebook post, the specs should be 1200×1200 pixels. Use eye catchy images that grab attention. Both square and landscape work for Facebook.

Use Canva.com a photo creating tool with tons of templates to get you started. Picmonkey.com is a photo editing tool that has great filters. You can import your brand fonts into Picmonkey.com.  In addition. you can use your smartphone to take original photos that you can use for your brand.

Use Jing or SnagIt to capture screen shots of visuals you see on the web that you like that you can use in your Facebook posts.

What do you think? Are you using any of these strategies to brand your business on Facebook? Share in the comments below how you are positioning your business on Facebook.




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