5 Ways to sell on Facebook without spamming your fans

Want to know how to sell on Facebook without spamming your fans?

With the holidays upon us a social media holiday selling strategy is a good idea about this time.

If you have not already come up with a social media holiday selling strategy, don’t fret – you can pull this off – I am here to help.

In this post I will share with you 5 ways to sell on Facebook without spamming your fans.

#1. Use your Facebook cover photo to showcase your products or services to drive sales.

If you’re selling a product, put it on your cover page.  You don’t need design skills to whip a professional cover page up.  Just use Canva.com they have all kinds of social media templates ready for you to customize.

Here is a perfect example from Simple Green Smoothies promoting their new book.

Simple green smoothies cover page

When you click on the cover photo it takes you to this light box below.  On the right side there is an Amazon link where you can buy their book.  So make sure you have your links for your website if that’s where you want to take people.

Simple green smoothie light box


#2. Grow your email list

If you are not moving your fans into your email list then you might just be spinning your wheels on social media without results. Here’s why: Social media changes all the time and with organic reach on Facebook dropping, it means you are not guaranteed that you will reach all your fans.  Only 16% or less of your fans gets to see your posts.  So what are you to do? Offer a free giveaway like a free coupon, a free eBook, a webinar or a cheat sheet.  When people opt-in you have the freedom to reach them to talk about your paid offer anytime you want through email marketing. Just make sure you link your giveaway to an opt-in form where you can collect names and email addresses and sell through email marketing.

Kim Garst does this well using her cover photo.  If you use your cover photo strategically you can build your email list with Facebook which is the fastest way to turn leads into customers.

Kim Garst

#3.  Do a giveaway

Giveaways are great.  People can use them for themselves or as gifts.  Just come up with a cool giveaway especially one related to your niche. Be aware of contest rules for whatever social media platform you use.

Here is a giveaway by Simple Green Smoothies:

simple green smoothies giveaway

When you click on their Instagram link, they are asking their followers to tag their friends.  This helps them grow their following and sell more products.

simple green instagram giveaway photo

#4.  Showcase what you do with a story.

This image is from the Extraordinary Gifts.  The status updates says “Congratulations to my precious niece Lorraine and Allan! Loved crafting this for you, may your union manifest Christ’ love for His Bride, the Church.”

One of her fans comments on the post asking her how much would it cost to make one for him.  So notice that she did not ask for the sale.  She did it in a suttle way using story telling.

extraordinary gifts 2

#5. Support a charity

Your customers would love to help you for a good cause.  If you are collecting items for a charity that you support, offer a discount to your customers when they bring the items.  People love to be a part of something that touches others, especially around the holiday season. Here is a perfect way of giving back. Emitations gives a link to the giveaway earrings. When someone clicks on the link they will want to browse through the website for other products. They are making the entrants aware of their brand and therefore gaining customers when people visit their site.


These are just a few ways that you can sell on Facebook without spamming your fans.  Use them to build your list, engage with your fans and drive sales to your business.

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