5 top tips to set your business for success on Instagram

Are you setting your business for success on Instagram? Did you know that Instagram is a great opt-in opportunity to grow your email list? Instagram is a great platform to provide your ideal audience with visual content – this includes photos as well as videos that are up-to 15 seconds.

Sue B Zimmerman known as the #Instagramexpert has built a successful business on Instagram and uderstands that it is a natural lead funnel.  I recently attended the #Socialboom15 conference in Chicago, and here are 5 top tips to use Instagram to build your business which I learned from Sue:

  1. Have an optimized bio

To set your business for success on Instagram, you will need to have a great Bio and avatar (profile picture) You get 150 characters on Instagram in your Bio to let people know what you do. Sue recommends that if you are your own personal brand, your avatar should be your smiling face and not your logo.  People like to connect with people and not with brands. They want the face of the person that makes that business thrive and want to engage with you. See, every time you comment on a post, your face is shown and people see you. When they see your face they get to know, like and trust you more. Don’t forget to use emojis on your bio as well. They are searchable on Instagram. And finally share a relevant call to action and a link that you can send people to.

  1. Change your link once in a while

Change up the link depending on what you are doing such as promoting an e-course, a webinar, or giving a coupon code. Use a customized bit-ly link so you can track your success from Instagram to wherever you are sending your fans.

  1. Use hashtags

A hashtag is the # pound sign that is put before a keyword to make it easy for people to look up specific content such as trends, locations and topics. Hashtags help you connect with other people who are using the same because they have the same interests as you. Search and see what hashtags are relevant in your niche so you can use them to attract your ideal audience. Do not use hashtags like #followtofollow as they are questionable and they attract spammers.

Remember you are not on Instagram to attract followers but to attract your ideal client that will find value in what you offer. Those ideal clients then become part of your community.

  1. Share great captivating photos

Post great photos with great lighting especially natural lighting, one that is cropped well and one that is “captivating in some exciting ways,” says Sue. Show visual content attached with a description in the space that you serve.

If you are struggling with your visual content and want to stand out from everyone else, go to the explore button and explore the 16 trending tags that change every day.  Focus on the top 9 that have the most likes. Take a look at those tags and see what they are. Look at the value of the post and see what you can learn from them.

  1.  Engage. 

Like any social media platform engagement is key and it is what will get you raving fans who eventually become your customers. Don’t just tap a photo, let the person who posted it know what the post does for you. Pay attention to the people that engage with your post. They will become your brand ambassadors in time. To quote Sue “The more you engage with other peoples posts, the more they’ll come back and engage in yours”.

Here are some brands that are crushing it on Instagram.  Follow them and see if you can borrow examples from them. And because I want to give Sue credit, tell them #theinstagramexpert sent me to you.



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I would love to hear from you. How are you setting your business up for success on Instagram? Leave a comment below. Now go crush it with Instagram.










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