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3 Quick Steps to Find Your Ideal Audience and Sell More Online

3 Quick Steps to find your ideal audience and sell more online

3 Quick Steps to find your ideal audience and sell more online

Want to know who your ideal audience is, where they hang out or what they need from you?  Are you looking to make more sales online with your program, product or services? The foundation of our marketing comes from knowing who our ideal audience is first.

Here are 3 quick steps to find your ideal audience and make more sales online using a survey.

Step One

Create your questions:

The first thing you need to do is to align your questions to what you are offering your ideal audience.  You want to find out what challenges they are going through so you can tailor make your offer according to their answers.

Let the introduction be short, easy and fun just as if you were talking to a friend.  Always thank them and tell them how long it will take and who it is for.  For example you could say: “Thanks for taking 5 minutes to fill out my survey.  Please let me know how I can help you better.” Or “I’m collecting thoughts on a few new projects. Can you spare a couple minutes to fill out a quick survey?”

Some questions you may want to ask your ideal audience:

Start with the easy questions and leave the more lengthy ones for the end. When you ask questions, make sure you can take action with the answers you get otherwise don’t ask the question.

For instance if you want to know why they choose you over others in your industry.  You may want to ask a question like this one: “Why did you sign up for my product?” The answers should help you know what’s working for your business.

Remain neutral and avoid leading questions or questions that are biased that can confuse the respondent. Here’s an example of a biased question:

Q: Since cigarettes are dangerous and have deadly side effects such as cancer wouldn’t you agree that smoking should be controlled to save the lives of many?

This type of question can make a respondent believe that their answer could have a negative impact on their image in the eyes of the researcher (you). It can be reworded this way:

Q: Should people have the right to smoke?

Don’t forget to include the “prefer not to answer” option.  Sometimes people may not want or don’t have the information you are requesting.  Make sure you ask one question at a time. Asking more than one question at a time confuses the respondent.  For example:

“What is the fastest and most economical Internet service for you?”

These are two questions because fastest does not necessarily mean most economical.

Also remember to leave room for feedback that you did not ask. “Is there anything else you would like to tell us?”

Step Two:

How to get people to take your survey

Offer an incentive

It doesn’t hurt to give an incentive for your survey audience to encourage them to join in. The more you know about your audience the better you will become in your marketing.  I give a $50 Amazon gift card.

Step three

Get your survey out there

Use social media to get your survey out into the hands of your ideal client.  You can create a short video on You Tube and link your survey, post it on Twitter using a question in the survey, Facebook or LinkedIn if that is where your ideal hangs out.

I normally use a boosted post on Facebook which is simple to create.  You simply create a post just like you would create a post on your timeline and boost the post. On your status update say who it’s for, how long it is and what it is for. Here is an example of how I worded my status update for my recent survey:

“Attention women entrepreneurs, if you are struggling to generate leads and sales for your business, please fill out my survey.  I just might have a solution for you to get bigger results.  Give me just 5 minutes and tell me where I can really help you here. I really would like to hear your feedback. Then link your survey to your post.

I use Survey monkey to do my surveys.  I use their Select service which has more features than the Basic, but you can use the Basic one which is free to start with.  After my survey is done, I  then downgrade to the free version. At the close of my survey I create a sense of urgency. This always works by getting people who may have been on the fence to take the survey.  And a deadline always gets people to take action.

I have created a freebie for you to download which will give you insights on what you do with your survey results to make more money.  It is called “The 3 step guide to sell more products online.” Click here to download it now.

Here are the benefits of a survey:

You identify who your audience is and what their needs are.

When you carry out a survey for your ideal audience, you get to know what their struggles are and learn how you can perfect your product so you can tailor it according to their specific needs.  This helps you sell more of your product. When I do a survey, I want to understand who my clients are and where they are in terms of their business and what their pain points or struggles are.  I also like to know what else they need to understand or be aware of from me.

You will speak their language.

A survey will help you know the language your audience uses to describe their challenges or wins, so you can use it in your copy when communicating with them.  Trying to use technical jargon or fancy words can make you lose your audience.  I recently did a survey with a goal of understanding if my ideal audience understood what a marketing funnel meant.  Most of them said that they did not know what a marketing funnel was and neither did they know the steps they needed to take to create a marketing funnel.  I figured that if I used the term marketing system which has the same meaning as marketing funnel, I would not alienate them. Using the language they use, makes them know that you get them.

You can use your survey results for product development.

Once you collect the results from your surveys you can create the right topic for your blog posts or create new products that solve the problems your ideal audience has.  You can get a great deal of ideas about the topics that your audience needs help with or which areas of their needs are not being met and find solutions for them. Each time you create a product, you will be creating something that your ideal audience is interested in.

I hope that this inspires you to do your own survey in your business to find out what your ideal audience wants from you and how you can help them.

6 creative ways to use your Facebook cover photo

6 creative ways to use your facebook cover photo
6 creative ways to use your facebook cover photo
Wondering how you can use your Facebook cover photo to grow your business?
A Facebook cover is the big photo on your page. It should visually represent the person, place or thing for which the page was created. It is a  prime real estate that you can take advantage of to a maximum effect.
Here are 6 creative ways to use your Facebook cover photo.
1. Showcase what you do on your cover photo.
The cover photo is the perfect place to show what you do.  Simple Green Smoothies showcases what they do on their cover page.  They show a variety of juices they make.
2. Give your fans special offers.
According to a report from Syncapse, fans are influenced to like a brand by emotional and relationship motivators. Giving a coupon to your fans will build fan loyalty while helping you sell.  Emitations jewelry is known for giving it’s fans discount coupons. When a fan clicks on the Shop Now button they are taken to the website where they can shop and redeem their coupon.
3. Showcase your location
Use a picture of your location if you are a page with a location.  This is a great way to showcase your location.
4. Promote on your cover photo
Promote your services or products in a very subtle and gentle way on your cover photo. I quit sugar promoted on her cover photo she had an 8 week program starting in October.  She put the date and used great images and told her fans what it was about, which is to quit sugar.
5. Use your cover photo as a lead magnet.
I use my Facebook cover photo to collect names and emails  A Facebook page means nothing to you if you are not moving your Facebook fans into your website or store front, then moving those leads into paying customers. See, when you move your fans into your website you have more control of building a relationship with them through email marketing, as opposed to trying to get their attention on Facebook where you are competing with others.
When a fan clicks on the Sign up call to action button, they are taken to my lead capture page where there is an opt-in opportunity to leave their email address in exchange of my free giveaway.
6. Show a behind the scenes of your event
Use your cover photo to show the behind the scene of an event.  Donna Moritz, a social media visual expert and owner of Socially Sorted, uses her cover photo to share the behind the scene of the Social Media Marketing world event that she attended.
Cover photo tips:
Your cover photo should be 828×315 pixels.  If it is smaller than those dimensions Facebook will expand it and it will look blurry.
Most people are accessing Facebook via mobile so make sure your cover photo is mobile friendly so it fits nicely without sections of it cut off.  The measurements for a mobile Facebook cover are 640×360 pixels.
Here are some free and paid tools to help you design your cover photo and wow your fans immediately.
How about you, how are you using your Facebook cover photo? Leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you.