Are you looking to creating a profitable marketing system with Facebook?  Would you like to know how you can generate leads and while making a consistent income with Facebook?

If you are looking for a way to turn your fans into leads and turn those leads into paying customers, I have a solution for you.  I want to show you how you can use social media, specifically Facebook to market and promote your business. You see, Facebook does not work on its own.  There is a system, a marketing funnel that has a beginning and an end.  This is how it looks like:

#1. Know your audience.

Before you market to anyone and you shouldn’t market to everyone either, you need to know your audience. This is not just knowing the demographics of your audience, but it is knowing who your ideal audience is, knowing their pain points, their struggles; what keeps them up at night. It is also knowing where they hang out; which other Facebook pages do they like?, what sports do they like? Which television shows do they watch?

Knowing your audiences’ needs will help you with your marketing message because when you speak to them you will be using the same language that they use.  Here is an example; if I know that my ideal audience is struggling to make sales on Facebook, then I would know how to create my content like this blog post to give value to my audience by sharing tips to boost their sales.

If I know that my audience likes a certain television show then I can create a Facebook post that asks a question about that show igniting engagement with them.  An easy way to know your audience would be by using Graph Search on Facebook.  Graph search is the long search bar across your timeline that looks like the one below.

graph search 1027 blogpost

Access Graph Search from your Facebook profile.  Search “pages liked by fans of your Facebook page”, click on the Pages tab and see the results you get. When I search for Pages liked by fans of The virtual assistant USA these are the results that I get;  Small IJ Lift, Oprah, Tyrese Gibson, Upworthy and Facebook for Business among others.  This is important information because it tells me where my fans hang out.

graph search 1027 blogpost


I can go to those pages and see the kind of content that has the most engagement.  I can now create similar content when I post on my page because I know my fans will most likely be interested in it.  This builds engagement with your fans.  They will know that you get them.  As you may well know, people like to do business with those whom they know, like or trust.

#2. Build engagement.

To create a profitable sales system with Facebook, engagement is a big part of the puzzle.  When you know the kind of content that excites your ideal audience, you can now start posting on Facebook and writing your blog content with that in mind.  You want people to engage with you through your content.  See, social media is about building lasting relationships and the key to this is through engagement.

By engaging with your fans you will find who needs your product and how you can help them. Now, you may have noticed that when you post on Facebook your organic reach – meaning how many people get to see your content for free has dropped.  This is because Facebook uses an algorithm to sift through content.

They do not want us posting content that is overly promotional.  They want us posting content that is valuable to our ideal audience.  When you create content that has value to your audience they will engage with you by either liking, commenting, sharing or clicking on a link.  Facebook considers engagement to be reactions such as Likes, Shares,  Comments or clicking to a link.

So when you post have a goal in mind.  Is it likes, comments, shares or a click on a link that you want from your audience?  For example if you want people to comment on a post, ask questions of your fans.

Make your question fun and engaging, keeping it simple and to the point.  Preferably, ask a question that does not require your fans to feel like they have to write a novel in their answer.  Here is an example; “I ____________ so I can _____________.”

When your engagement goes up on Facebook, your posts will be pushed into the news feed because Facebook gets the impression that your page really does deliver value to its users. So the next time you post on Facebook ask yourself, what action do I want my fans to take?  Is it a like, comment, share or click on a link to a post? And then create posts that ignites each action.

Here is a post from Kim Garst of Boom Social that asks a question.  I took this screen shot 2 hours after it was posted and notice how many comments it had in that short time- 91 comments!

kim garst engagment post 1027 blogpost


#3. Add value with your content 

Provide content that adds value to your ideal audience. If you sell a physical product you can add value to your customers by offering a discount or free shipping.  If your business is service based or information based you can give some of your information that is valuable for free, say a 15 minutes free coaching session, a free PDF, a free report, a cheat sheet, a 3 video series, a webinar…you get the point.  Make your free giveaway so good that your audience would pay for it if you were selling it.

#4. Turn your fans into email subscribers

Facebook or any social media platform means nothing to you if you are not converting your fans into email subscribers.  For the next 15 minutes think of a free giveaway that you can offer (use the examples on number 3 above).  Make sure your free giveaway is aligned to what your business is about. For instance if you are in the weight loss industry and you are selling a program on how to lose weight, your free giveaway can be something like this: “The 7 foods to avoid when you are losing weight.”Ask yourself what challenge can I help my ideal audience solve that I can put in a mini giveaway that they can find valuable? Then create a Facebook Ad for this giveaway,  You can spend about $5 or $10 a day to promote it so people can opt-in for your giveaway aka lead magnet.  Just make sure that you deliver the giveaway that you promised after they opt-in.  Here is a free giveaway that I offer on my cover photo.

my profile lead magnet 1027 blogpost

When people click on the link they are taken to my lead capture page below where they get to opt in with their email address in exchange of the FREE guide.

landing page1027blog post

#5. Automate your marketing funnel.

Once your subscribers give you their email addresses, send them an email saying “thanks for subscribing to my newsletter (or whatever it is that they subscribed to), here is the giveaway I promised you.”  Then send them a link to download that giveaway. After that, you will need to create a series of emails also known as autoresponders giving free value to your subscribers.

You can send them to a blog post in your site.  The key thing here is to create relationships with them so they can know, like and trust you. You will need to use an email service provider like Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp to mention a few, to send weekly newsletters or create autoresponders . After a while, you can start introducing your services, products or program and send them to a simple sales page where they can buy your products. That’s how people get to do business with you.

In a nutshell these are the main parts that make up of a simple marketing system where you attract your ideal audience, engage with them, build your email list and sell more of your products using Facebook.

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Leave a comment below and share how you are maximizing Facebook to build your sales funnel. Also don’t forget to share this post with your peeps!

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