Hiring a community manager

If you are a small business owner like me, you are most likely the CEO, the marketer, the assistant and are pulled in a million different directions. Hiring a community manager might be just the answer to help you maximize

As a smart marketer, you understand that Facebook is a core social network that you should use to get exposure, get more leads and make more money.  So neglecting your Facebook page can come at a cost too much to bear.

However, in order to have a successful Facebook page it is crucial to have a plan and strategy to build your fan base. That includes using the right content to build engagement with your fans which in return builds affinity. If you find that you have no time to manage your page, then I recommend you hire a community manager either internally or by outsourcing one.

The advantages of hiring an internal community manager is that they are familiar with your company’s mission, products or services.  However, if this is not possible and you have to outsource one, be sure to train him/her well and monitor activity closely the first couple of months.
A community manager is an admin for your Facebook page.  The community manager must understand your overall Facebook marketing plan and execute it daily.  Their responsibility is to make sure that the page is running smoothly.  Meaning they know what to post, when to post, how to engage with your community or fans on their terms and most importantly that they know how to use your voice.
All this will increase your reach and visibility.  Because lets face it when your online community is engaged, they will stay interested in your blog, product or service. So all this is well worth your time and effort.
Some of the characteristics that you should look for when selecting a community manager are; in addition to being someone who is passionate about your goals and vision, good communication skills, a good listener, one who enjoys working with people of all type personalities and has a professional and positive attitude at all times.
While all these characteristics are great, it is important to have a community manager who can connect with your audience.  People are not on Facebook to buy your products or services at least not initially, they are there to make connections.  So a community manager who understands your audience and the nuances of Facebook as well as one who contributes to ideas to grow your audience will be a great investment to your company.
If you have several page admins for your page, the community managers role would be to manage them. He/she decides the role each admin plays based on their skill sets and strength so everyone is on the same page.  With an admin team, you can optimize time and resources. You have the advantage of having your page managed and monitored every day at any given time.  It also enables you to give excellent support to your fans by engaging and answering their questions.
Be sure that you have a clear plan for your marketing strategy before the community manager can assign different roles to different admins.
What to consider while creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy
  1. Creating some guidelines of what type of content that you will have on your Facebook page.
  2. Are you going to post videos, text, images or links or are you going to mix them up?
  3. How often to post.  For example , you can decide to post 3 inspirational or motivatinal posts a day, 1 humor type post a day, 2 business related posts a day and 1 blog post a day.  Some people post 1/3 of their own content and 2/3 of other peoples content that they find valuable. This “giving love to others” strategy is great especially for new entrepreneurs who are looking to network with others in their niche.  When you post other peoples great content that is valuable to your fans, you become a great resource to your fans and they will always expect to read from you.
  4. When to engage with your fans answering questions and giving them support.
The Roles of an Admin
  • Any admin can post on the Facebook status update as the page and not as their profile.  If they want to post as themselves they would have to remove themselves as admins of that page. They can also add their names every time they comment so the fans know whom from the team  is interacting with them
  • All admins have the capability of editing the page which means they can add or edit posts, videos, as well as organize the tabs and change the profile.
Since all admins have full access to your page they can add or delete other admins – so looking for someone with integrity during the selection process is key here.  With all these accessiblity of multiple people to your page the community manager should set strict guidelines based on your mission and goals on each individual roles so that everyone is clear on their roles.
To add an admin to your page just go to your Facebook page and click on Settings.  Then click on Page Roles,  and then click on to Add Another Person.  Under Specify an Email Address, add their email address and under the drop down arrow you will see a variety of roles, select one and save changes.  Here on the dashboard of your Facebook page you can add or remove admins.
And now over to you.  I would love to hear how your company manages your Facebook page. Feel free to share your ideas or comments below.
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